Introducing the all new hawo ProtectS tip protection!

hawo ProtectS tip protection - Racoma Inc
ProtectS instrument protection tip

The hawo ProtectS tip protection as recommended by ANSI AAMI ST79 8.2 f offers simple three fold protection during sterilization of surgical instruments. It fit loosely and is steam-permeable. Its protective film covers sharp edged instruments and prevents from damage to sterile packages and to injuries to your staff. The sturdy design offers perfect protection for delicate instruments. ProtectS  protects any type of instruments as scissors, tweezers, and cannulated instruments or needles.

Check out the hawo ProtectS video here:

ANSI AAMI ST79 8.2 f: Sharp items should be protected from damage. Tip protectors, if used, should be steam-permeable, fit loosley, and be used accoring to the manufacturer’s written IFU.